Remy Ma Tells Blogger “Quit Posting Me Before I Spin The Block”

Remy Ma began trending on Twitter On Wednesday after calling out The Neighbourhood Talk’s Kyle Afernee for a post on Instagram.

Remy Ma is not playing!  

During a recent interview, Remy Ma told Big U of WorldStarHipHop, other artists avoid being on a track with her for fear of being out-rapped.  

“They know, nobody don’t play with me, even guys,” Remy said. However, it’s not just the men as Remy said female rappers also avoid working with her.  

“No girl wants to be on a song with me, especially if she up. She don’t want Remy Ma on her song, you know what’s gonnna happen. And the same thing goes for guys,” she added. “A guy don’t wanna call me to get on a song because he know what’s gonna happen. It’s cool, I’m alright with it.” 

On Wednesday (Dec. 15) The Neighborhood Talk posted a clip of the interview with the caption, “Oop ok! Remy Ma wants y’all to respect her pen! 🖊🔥 Thoughts Neighbors? 👀 | 🎥 : @bigu1” 

The New York native felt like she was on the receiving end of some shade and took to the comments section to address it.  

Tagging The Neighbourhood Talk’s Kyle Afernee she wrote, “I tried to be nice to you but you keep playing with me. It’s about to get mad ugly for you. I’m not these other rap b###### you keep going back and forth with. Who told you to post me? You know how I do n##### and b######.” She added, “You better quit posting me before I spin the block. You know how I do #RemyMaAgainstTheWorld #PlatOPlama #CantFuckWithMeOnMyOffDay #YeaYeaYeaYea #BX”

Remy Ma Will Be Hosting A Big Event In 2022

Elsewhere, Remy Ma recently revealed her plans to use her platform to spotlight the talent of some fellow female emcees. The “All The Way Up” hitmaker is putting on an epic all-female battle rap event and says the women will be paid a minimum of “five figures” for their services.  

Remy Ma invited Joe Budden to the event slated for February 12, asking him to pull up in his capacity as a media platform to help promote the ladies. 

While Remy Ma is yet to announce the matchups, veteran battlers, 40 B.A.R.R.S, Jaz The Rapper, and Ms. Hustle are all confirmed.   

Watch the Full interview On PSA HipHOP Below