Remy Martin Vs. Lady Luck: Round By Round

On Monday April 12, rappers Remy Martin and Lady Luck engaged in a rap battle for $20,000 cash at the Fight Klub. At the end of the evening, with a group of renown judges, Remy emerged the victor. Both combatants …

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On Monday April 12, rappers Remy Martin and Lady

Luck engaged in a rap battle for $20,000 cash at the Fight Klub. At the end

of the evening, with a group of renown judges, Remy emerged the victor.

Both combatants were allowed to bring 5 people

apiece into "the ring," which is a recording studio in Manhattan.

The head of the battle was so intense that DJ

Sunny stepped out because she felt she was biased toward one of the ladies (she

never revealed who).

Remy stated that she predicted Luck’s battle

plan going into Monday evening.

"I knew she was going to go home and write

her heart out and saying everything that she could possibly say about me,"

Remy told "She needs this more than me. I’m laughing at

her. I spit some light s### to see where she was at. She was trying to OD,"

Remy maintained.

As she forecasted, Luck threw a barrage of lyrics

at Remy, causing her to be an early favorite by some who witnessed the first

rounds of sparring.

Remy maintains that the battle was relatively

even by the time the fifth round came about, even though Luck says that she

was up by one round.

"Even on the radio, she said she was scared

those first three rounds," Luck said. Both admit that the final round Remy

took easily.

"She came out on that last round,"

Luck conceded, "But does one round decide the whole battle? I got her the

first three easily."

"The fifth round, I OD’d on her," Remy

stressed. "I told exactly the truth. About how she used to be callin’ me

to do a song with her. How [she said] we gotta stick together. How I used to

see her in the strip club with her little dirty girlfriend that’s a f**kin jumpoff

– anything you could possibly think. I couldn’t even finish my rhyme."

Luck returned fire and the contest was in the

hand of the judges.

The judges – DJ Big Mike, Bonsu of XXL, Conrade

of Bad Boy, DJ Envy and Hot 97’s Ms. Info – unanimously voted for


Luck said her loss will be vindicated when their

battle is released on the Fight Klub DVD and suggested that the omnipotent presence

of Fat Joe influenced the battle.

"She could not leave that building without

Fat Joe’s money," Luck quipped. In contrast, Remy insists that the majority

of the money was her own.

"I told Joe to stay outside because I know

he can be intimidating," Remy said. In equal contrast, Luck said there

were roughly "30-40" members of the Terror Squad outside of the Manhattan


"I wasn’t gonna be salty over it because

I know the truth, she knows the truth and when the DVD drops, everybody is going

to know the truth," Luck said. "She can get wild in the street if

she wants, but when that DVD drops people will see I won."

Riggs Morales, Shady Records A&R and organizer

of Fight Klub, said this was the events most intense battle.

"Both of these young ladies went all out.

Both met before [the battle] face to face, agreed on the rules and got it on

like two warriors for 5 rounds," Riggs said. "Very tense, very Hip-Hop.

"They were definitely the most memorable

contenders we’ve had at the

Fight Klub thus far," he said.

Futhermore, Riggs insisted that both competitors

embody a grimy mentality waning in the commercialization of rap battles these


"Both Remy and Lady Luck represent the Hip-Hop

spirit that is battling, especially on a street level. Whether signed or unsigned

they truly embody the raw talent that makes Monday Night Fight Klub the premier

spot for Hip-Hop battles," he said.

Both ladies said they have songs coming out on

the heels of their highly publicized battle.

"I’m not trying to capitalize off [the battle],"

Luck said. "This will all be over with. Wait ’til she drops and album.

I’m just going to put out music. I’m not trying to convince nobody."

Remy already has a song called "Yeah Yeah Yeah,&quot which features Fat Joe. The song is currently in rotation on AllHiphop’s

Media Zone.

Remy has finished the new Terror Squad album

due this summer and is working on her solo debut.

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