Rich Dollaz Daughter Busted For Shooting At Her Boyfriend After He Allegedly Tried To Give Her Money

Rich Dollaz

Rich Dollaz of “Love & Hip Hop Fame” is dealing with some family drama after his daughter was busted for shooting at her ex-boyfriend! Read more!

It appears that family drama is brewing for “Love & Hip Hop New York” star Rich Dollaz, as his daughter Ashley Trowers was recently arrested in Memphis for allegedly shooting at her ex-boyfriend yesterday morning (January 24th).

According to TMZ, Ashley was working as security at a Kroger gas station on her first day when her child’s father Demiah Tatum, and another man, Mykel Yates, appeared out of nowhere and approached her in a Cadillac ATS. 

Ashley, who has a restraining order against Tatum, was scared when she saw him and was surprised that Tatum knew where she was, as it was her first day on the job, according to the police report.

She attempted to flee the unfolding situation, but the two men caught up to her Ashley told the cops that she thought she saw someone in the car reaching for a gun.

Ashley blasted off two shots into the vehicle and then called the police. According to Yates, her ex-boyfriend pulled up on Ashley to give her some money. 

She was taken to Shelby County Jail, where she was charged with aggravated assault and released.