Rich The Kid Blasts Jay Critch For Being Disloyal Over Contract Dispute 

Rich the Kid has finally replied to his artist Jay Critch, who is attempting to get off of the rapper’s Rich Forever imprint. 

Rapper Rich the Kid and his artist Jay Critch continue to beef on the internet, over a contractual dispute over a bad record deal. 

Last weekend, Jay Critch took to the internet to blast Rich the Kid over his deal with Rich Forever Music. 

The Brooklyn rapper is trying to get out of his deal with Rich Forever Music, which was established by Rich The Kid in 2016, and is distributed by Interscope Records. 

Jay Critch is asking to be freed from his contract, however, it looks like Rich The Kid is not having it. 

“I signed Jay when I had a two-bedroom apartment. I flew him out when I had 5k to my name and signed him (Off the strength of Gramz who you didn’t do right w either) I gave a platform and made him who he is today,” Rich the Kid fumed. 

According to Rich, he even attempted to rework Jay Critch’s paperwork, but apparently, that was not enough to appease his disgruntled artist. 

“I got him a new deal to get out of his b####### (which your lawyer ain’t take no part in) then he tried to snake 2 me go behind my back for a little bag…,” Rich the Kid continued. “You say you want out of a contract you signed and I haven’t made $0 off of you. Stop making it seem you can just say ‘oh I’m not in a contract no more.’ I put you on tour with Future your first year of being signed. I put you on & you have NO loyalty.”

However, Jay Critch did not back down from his complaints about being an artist on Rich Forever Music and his desire to sever his ties with Rich the Kid altogether. 

Jay Critch accused Rich the Kid of attempting to control his career, which he said he was more than capable of handling himself. 

“I’m a grown ass man I can run my own deals silly U D##K riding tryna block s### holding on to that paperwork,” Jay Critch snapped back.