Rick Ross Applies For Zoo License, Orders Elephants & Giraffes For “Promise Land” Zoo 

Rick Ross

Rick Ross has ordered a pair of elephants and is awaiting the arrival of giraffes after applying for his zoo license.  

Rick Ross has major expansion plans for his self-made zoo and has ordered a pair of elephants and some giraffes for his “Promise Land” zoo. 

On Thursday (June 6) the MMG honcho took to his Instagram story to announce his plans. According to Ross, he’s ordering new animals and is taking steps to make his zoo legit.  

“I just ordered two elephants, two elephants, a male and a female. Promise Land, get ready,” Ross began. “I’m a have and own two elephants that I can take care of and nurture that’s why I’ve already filed for my Zoo license.” 

Rick Ross revealed he wants to “rescue an elephant” so he can nourish the animal and intends to have a “young lady rubbing [the elephant’s] undercarriage.” 

Ross initially intended to start his zoo back in 2020 with giraffes but had to settle for buffalo. Now he’s gearing up to bring the creatures, the tallest terrestrial animals on earth, to the 235-acre estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. 

“It takes time but guess what I am buying right now? Two giraffes,” Ross added. ”You going to have to climb up somewhere real tall to feed them things.” 

Furthermore, once the elephants and giraffes arrive, Rick Ross wants Eddie Murphy to film Dr. Doolittle and Coming To America sequels at the Promise Land.  

Rick Ross Extending Estate To Address Car Show Issues

After announcing his zoo plans, Rick Ross turned his attention to the controversy following his annual car show earlier this month, claiming he’s extended his property to accommodate the large crowds.  

“I wouldn’t be the biggest if I didn’t address this,” he said. “For any and everyone that couldn’t make it into that Rick Ross car show, I just bought another 100 acres I’m chopping all the trees down. 

Rick Ross may have some issues with his neighbors once the elephants and giraffes are housed in his zoo. He got into hot water with locals last year after allowing his buffalo to roam free, causing the enormous beats to traverse onto an adjoining property.  

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