Rick Ross Laughs Off Car Show Complaints As Fans Demand Refunds: “We Made History” 

Rick Ross

Rick Ross faced backlash from disgruntled ticket holders complaining about waiting hours to get into his car show.  

Rick Ross may be celebrating the success of his third annual car show, but many unhappy attendees are demanding a refund.  

The event on Saturday (June 1), reportedly drew more than 12,000 people to his sprawling estate in Georgia, dubbed “The Promised Land.” However, despite the acreage, fans complained about hours-long queues, while others said they couldn’t get in at all.  

Nonetheless, Ross laughed off the criticisms via Instagram on Sunday (June 2), posting a TMZ report of the complaints. According to the MMG honcho, the event was historic, and he looks forward to repeating the feat in 2025. 

“We made history!! 300 acres but everyone couldn’t make it ha,” he wrote alongside the report. “See everyone next year.”  

Meanwhile, disgruntled car show ticket holders flooded Rick Ross’ comment section with complaints.  

One user accused Ross of doing “bad business” and “said they “will never support this AGAIN” after traveling for seven hours only to be turned away at the entrance.  

Another person who refused to return said, “This whole process was a zoo.” The user claimed they waited “five hours to get on a bus,” but couldn’t get in because organizers ran out of wristbands.  

A third person said they “loved the show once I got in.” However, they spent three hours waiting for a shuttle and another hour to leave, even after skipping the line. “There was no crowd control at all, not enough restrooms,” they added. “No organization what so ever, hardly any medical support, no water stands… the list goes on. This could have been done much better.”