Rick Ross Hints At Drake Using Ghostwriter For “Sicko Mode”

Rick Ross

Rick Ross threw more ghostwriting accusations at Drake while listening to the Canadian star’s verse on Travis Scott’s single “Sicko Mode.”

Rick Ross suggested someone else wrote Drake’s “Sicko Mode” verse in an Instagram Stories post. Rozay added to the Drake ghostwriting rumors while listening to Travis Scott’s song “Sicko Mode.”

“Guess who wrote this,” Ross said as Drake’s “Sicko Mode” verse played in the background. “You would never guess who wrote this.”

Scott’s “Sicko Mode” featured an extensive list of writing credits, largely due to the samples used for the track. CyHi the Prynce was one of the songwriters, but he never claimed he wrote for Drake. Ross insinuated someone missing from the credits was responsible for Drake’s verse.

Drake has been plagued by ghostwriting accusations for years. Ross mentioned the allegations on his Drake diss track “Champagne Moments.”

“Ghostwriters, they get to floss what you could’ve had/Record label taking a loss, are you in your bag?/You a worker wanting to chart, don’t make me laugh/Get to mine, tell by my watch, this a different time/Living fine, I’m getting high as your s### decline/Who believes he moving keys in his Louie Vs?/Run up on you and snatch your chain, watch you b###### bleed,” Ross rapped in the first verse.

Rozay continued to attack Drake over ghostwriting in the second verse.

“Like his moves, but he never had to fight in school/Always ran, another n#### had to write your grooves/Flow is copy-and-paste, Weezy gave you the juice/Another white boy at the park wanna hang with the crew/Pulitzer Prize winner switching up like dyed denim/Get incentives for all the killings while we ride rentals/Look me right in my face, he beginning to shake/Told you n#####, Stay Schemin’, I predicted my fate,” Ross rapped.

Ross released “Champagne Moments” in response to Drake’s diss track “Push Ups.” Drake fired shots at Ross for siding with Future and Metro Boomin, who started a battle with Drizzy with the release of their We Don’t Trust You album.