Rick Ross Ordered To Pay $8,500 Per Month For Child Support

The state has ordered Rick Ross to dish out $102,000 a year for the care and upkeep of his children.

(AllHipHop News) The Bawse and his baby mom Briana Camille have finally come to an agreement about the care of their two children.

Well, maybe not them … but a family judge, Christopher Edwards, has mandated that Rick Ross, the founder of Maybach Music, will pay $8,500 a month in child support.

Now you might be wondering where this money will go?

Judge Edwards believes that $6,000 a month should go to the children ($3,000 for Berkeley and $3,000 for Billion).

The rest of the money, $2,500, should be allocated for a nanny. A pregnant Camille needs to have a nanny because she is considered “high risk” as she is carrying a third child for Ross.

Rick Ross and Briana Camille were engaged in high drama just weeks before the judge gave them the results of a paternity test for her two children.

Despite the “Hustlin” rapper taking to social media to celebrate the births of his sons, after a nasty dispute between the two, they had to enlist the courts to come and settle what they could not do on their own.