Rick Ross Settles A Pair Of Legal Matters


(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross has managed to settle a pair of highly publicized lawsuits.

The first is a matter that dealt with the rapper’s 2014 album, Mastermind, and a relatively unknown rapper of the same name that felt the Rick Ross title infringed on his trademark.

Raul Caiz sued Ross after the rapper took on a “Mastermind” persona and named his tour the “Mastermind Tour,” among other matters. Universal Records was included in the multi-million dollar legal move.

The judge not only ruled own Ross’ favor, but completely cancelled Caiz’s trademark.

“When claims are made against our clients, we litigate them very aggressively. We are happy that the court not only ruled in Ross and Universal’s favor, but also took the extra step to cancel Plaintiff’s trademark,” said Ross’ attorney, Leron E. Rogers.

Rick Ross also settled the legal matter with an individual that suffered severe injuries inside the rapper mogul’s home.
theJasmineBRAND.com reports lawyers for Rick Ross filed docs detailing that a settlement in the year-long case had been reached with the plaintiff. All claims against Ross and his mother are dismissed as well, per the report.