Rick Ross Shares Conspiracy Theory That Stops Him Driving A Tesla 

rick ross

Rick Ross fears “the government could tap into the brain” of an automated Tesla and drive him straight to the cops.

Motorhead Rick Ross may be a car lover with a famed car collection of over 100 motors, an annual car show, and a record label named after a luxury automobile, but there’s one vehicle the Biggest Boss refuses to ride in, a Tesla. 

The Maybach Music mogul says he’s never driven one of Elon Musk’s autonomous cars because he doesn’t trust them. Rick Ross shared the bizarre conspiracy in an Instagram video on Tuesday (Jan. 24).  

“I’ve never ridden in a Tesla, never,” Rozay admitted. “And the reason being is because I’ve always had in the back of my mind, the government could tap into the brain of the car.” 

Rick Ross then played out a scenario where authorities locate his car which then drives him directly to the station. “It’s leaving Wingstop before the wings is ready,” he joked while adding hilarious sound effects. “You pull up to the building and the agent walk out, ‘Hey Rick.’”

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However, Rick Ross failed to mention his conspiracy theory when asked about Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck. “That’s something Elon gon’ have to convince me,” he told Hot New Hip-Hop last year. “Next time I bump into him, he gon’ have to convince me into that.”  

Nonetheless, Rick Ross is convinced about a trip to Mars on board one of Elon Musk’s spaceships. Last February, he chopped it up with the SpaceX founder alongside Diddy and French Montana at Ye‘s Donda 2 listening party. He told the billionaire he and his fellow rappers need tickets for his mission to Mars. Check out the video below.