Rick Ross Works On His Jump Shot With NBA Coach Lethal Shooter 

rick ross

Rick Ross left his pilot waiting on the tarmac for 45 minutes while he practiced his jump shot with NBA coach Lethal Shooter.  

Rick Ross always finds time to get his workout in despite his jet-setting lifestyle, even if it means leaving his private jet waiting on the tarmac. 

The MMG honcho was traveling to Vegas recently when he felt like shooting hoops with his basketball coach. However, the Biggest Boss couldn’t go with just any instructor, drafting one of the best in the business to help him hone his shooting skills, Chris Matthews, aka Lethal Shooter.  

Rozay kept his pilot waiting while the coach showed him how to ensure perfect hand placement before taking his first jump shot. The advice paid off as he sunk his first two shots but faltered on the third. After Lethal Shooter told him he better not miss five shots in a row, Rick Ross managed to get some momentum going and landed the following five attempts.  

“It’s too easy,” Rick Ross declared. “I done held the pilot up for 45 minutes going to Vegas but I had to get my workout in.” 

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Before taking his flight, Rick Ross also promoted his latest song, “Shaq & Kobe,” the lead single from his upcoming collab album with Meek Mill, teasing something huge from the pair.  

“We got something bigger coming up with a few NBA legends,” he revealed. “That’s why I had to come get with the muthafuckin champion to come work on the shot. You seen it, it’s too good to be true,” he added, referencing the album name.  

Rick Ross and Meek Mill’s new single, “Shaq & Kobe,” arrived last month (September 29). Check out the video below.