Rico Love Calls On Kodak Black & 21 Savage To Speak Out On Issues, Says Lupe Fiasco Got Too Weird


(AllHipHop News) Rico Love was a recent guest on the Friend Or Foe podcast, and the award-winning producer had a lot to say about various topics.

Part of the interview included Love discussing rap stars having a responsibility as leaders.

“That’s why [2Pac] died for that reason. Nobody gets murdered on the Vegas strip and nobody seen nothing. They killed him for that reason because they knew he had a voice,” said Love.

He added, “Kodak Black, he’s so doped up. 21 Savage – all these artists. People can get mad if they wanna get mad, but it’s the truth. These are young guys. They’re the same age Pac was, and they’re not speaking up. They’re so doped up.”

Tupac Shakur, one of the most celebrated emcees of all time, was 25 years old when he was killed in 1996.

Atlanta rapper 21 Savage is currently 24 while Florida’s Kodak Black is only 19.

The “There Goes My Baby” songwriter continued making his point that entertainers are influential to society by mentioning veteran rapper Lupe Fiasco.

“If Lupe would have just not got so weird on us, he could have led a whole movement,” said Love. “But what happened was: he went so left to where n-ggas he was really trying to reach looked at him like a weirdo.”

Love praised J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Chance The Rapper for what he sees as their ability to address social issues without being viewed as corny or crazy.

However, Love expressed his belief that those particular acts are not enough to reach certain audiences.

“I think it’s going to take for a ghetto-hood rapper to speak up,” stated Love. “I’m not talking about the Coles, the Kendricks or the Chances. I’m talking about a n-gga on the caliber of a Kodak, 21 Savage, Future. One of those guys who the streets love,” said the New Orleans-born artist.

In addition, Love discussed working with Gucci Mane, Remy Ma’s “ShETHER,” Rihanna being a savage, and more.