Rob Kardashian Claims Blac Chyna Held Him At Gunpoint And Now He’s Scared For His Life

Blac Chyna is trying to set the record straight about alleged drug use and gun pointing claims by Rob Kardashian.

(AllHipHop News) Rob Kardashian has accused his ex-fiancee Blac Chyna, for allegedly using drugs, attacking him, and threatening his life in 2016.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Rob Kardashian says that after the birth and breastfeeding of their child Dream Kardashian, Blac Chyna began “drinking to excess and using cocaine again.”

He says on the day of a December incident, Chyna drank large amounts of champagne and then used cocaine. That’s when she reportedly became, “increasingly erratic, aggressive and violent behavior as she became more and more intoxicated.”

Rob alleges that later that day, Chyna held him at gunpoint and threatened to kill him.

The documents state that friends were on a FaceTime call with the ex-couple when the incident occurred. The documents also claim that she attempted to strangle him with an iPhone charger cable and the next day, tried to use a metal pole to “repeatedly strike Rob.”

The incident allegedly left Rob Kardashian with scratches and bruises on his body. Blac Chyna has now responded to the numerous claims and denied the allegations against her.

Chyna’s lawyer says the scratches on Rob’s body were a result of aggressive flirting.

“Part of that raucous and flirty celebration included Chyna ripping her fiancé Rob’s shirt and then playfully stroking her fingernails against his chest,” her lawyer told US Weekly.

She went on to state that Chyna’s ex-fiance admitted under oath that “being scratched by a woman is ‘one of the best things a man could ask for.”

She also told the publication that Rob admitted that he has never felt threatened by Chyna and found the gun pointing “funny.”

Chyna and her lawyer claim that the gun was unloaded during the time of the incident and that Rob is lying. Rob Kardashian is reportedly seeking $767,852 in damages.