Rory & Mal Respond To Joe Budden’s Latest Claims: “I Know It Pains Him” 

Joe Budden

The former podcasting trio is continuing their online beef with Rory and Mal saying “it pains” Joe that they had such a hot show.

Rory & Mal have responded to Joe Budden’s comments that they didn’t pull their own weight while they were a part of the Joe Budden Podcast

The former trio has fired shots at each other since unexpectedly parting ways last year. Mal had a direct reply for the retired rapper during the latest episode of the New Rory & Mal podcast. The duo titled the episode “Accountability in Culture Pt. 2,” in response to Joe Budden‘s “Accountability in Culture.” 

Mal responded to Joe’s claims that he didn’t bring anything to their show and challenged Joe to bring him on his new podcast.  

“I’m willing to go on your platform, your new show that still has my blood, sweat, and tears in it. And I know that’s what pains him,” Mal said. “Every time he pay for p####, that’s some of my money. Every vacation he takes a chick on, that’s some of my money he using. And that pains him. 

He continued, “The most money he ever made in his life, he made sitting next to me. I know that pains him, but we had a beautiful thing. It worked.” 

Rory chimed in, “I didn’t think it was such a hard thing to say. That the three of us built it together,” he said, before Mal added,” Every time he goes to the strip club, he throws singles; those is my faces on them singles. It hurts.”  

Rory & Mal Address Joe Budden Beef

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Rory and Mal were responding to a recent comment from Joe Budden, who was replying to their comments from their recent interview with CyHi The Prynce. 

“You’ve never pulled your own weight,” Joe Budden said. “The first never meant nothing to you. There’s never been like responsibility, you never got up and carried your own s###. There’s always been another n#### around to help you do it, and you don’t speak to them n##### no more neither so this is not Joe specifically. Stop putting s### on my name. I’m gonna start showing up for myself ’cause that’s my problem with the f###### internet.”