Ryan Garcia Expelled By WBC After Racist Rant As Boxer’s Family Distance Themselves

Ryan Garcia

The WBC has expelled Ryan Garcia “from any activity,” within the organization following his racist and bigoted remarks.  

Ryan Garcia was expelled by the World Boxing Council (WBC) after repeatedly making racist, Islamophobic and bigoted remarks during a Twitter rant

On Thursday (July 4), the WBC president, Mauricio Sulaiman, issued a statement via X (Twitter). 

“Exercising my authority as president of the WBC, I am hereby expelling Ryan Garcia from any activity with our organization,” he wrote. “We reject any form of discrimination. I fear for Ryan well being as he has declined multiple attempts for our help with mental health and substance abuse.” 

During his unhinged rant, Ryan Garcia frequently dropped the n-word and said he was “anti-Black.” He hosted a Twitter Spaces chat titled, “George Floyd is a b####,” and said he wanted to bring him back to life to kill him again. The boxer also made other racist and disparaging comments about Mexicans, Christians, Muslims and other minorities.  

Garcia was widely condemned online and tried to smooth things over with another post. “I was trolling I want all the killing to stop,” Garcia wrote following the backlash. “I love everyone sorry if I offended you.” 

He has since deleted his apology and many of the offensive tweets.  

Ryan Garcia’s parents issued a statement distancing themselves from his remarks and urging him to seek help.  

“Our family unequivocally does not support any statements [Garcia] has made regarding race or religion,” the statement read. “These do not reflect who Ryan truly is and how he was raised. Those who know Ryan can attest to this fact.” 

The family referenced Garcia’s mental health struggles and shared their commitment to ensuring he receives the help he needs.