SAINt JHN Pens “Dear Superheroes” Open Letter & Presents “Real Superheroes” Charity T-Shirts

“In our neighborhoods the real superheroes don’t have super powers.”

(AllHipHop News) This has been a huge week for SAINt JHN. The Brooklyn-bred recording artist’s breakout hit “Roses” entered the Top 10 region of Billboard’s Hot 100 rankings for the first time.

SAINt could have just rested on his laurels as his song climbs the charts. Instead, the Guyanese-American rapper is using his notoriety to bring awareness to social injustice and to raise funds for an organization working to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States.

New “Real Superheroes” t-shirts are available for purchase via SAINt JHN’s lifestyle brand known as Christian Sex Club. The tee honors the death of George Floyd and other African-Americans that lost their lives to police violence. 100% of the proceeds are supporting Equal Justice Initiative.

“We made 250 of these shirts to honor some of the REAL SUPERHEROES we lost. They’re no longer here to hear the applause but their sacrifices changed the whole world! They’re $100 and every dollar made gets donated to Equal Justice Initiative,” tweeted SAINt JHN

The front of the shirt features a painting of a protest against police brutality. The back reads, “Not Trayvon, Not Eric, Not Michael, Not Sandra, Not Ahmaud, Not Breonna, Not George, Not Looters, Not A Riot, Not America, Not This Time, Not A Cult.”

In addition, SAINt JHN penned an open letter to “Black heroes”:

In our neighborhoods the real superheroes don’t have super powers.
Our superheroes can’t fly, our super heroes aren’t invisible and definitely can’t stop bullets.
Our superheroes were real people raising their kids in forgotten neighborhoods, they were single parents working double shifts, late on rent every month, they were the parents on their last dollar still making Christmas miracles, you know, this is America.

That Americans never really wanted…

These are the people who change the whole world. But never got an invitation to the World Series, they never win a Grammy and they damn sure never get the applause their continuous sacrifice deserves!
This is for the Real Superheroes.