Saweetie Has A New Netflix Show About Sex Complete With Dr. Ruth, Puppets, And More


Saweetie will tackle the subject of sex with a variety of experts – and puppets – in a new lighthearted show coming to Netflix! Read more!

Saweetie will be partnering with Netflix for a new special that will talk about “sex positivity.”

Titled “Sex: Unzipped,” the new comedy will drop on Netflix on October 26, 2021.

The “Icy Girl” rapper will talk with various sex experts and influencers about doing the horizontal hokey-pokey without shame. The sex experts that the producers have enlisted are as follows: Alexander Cheves (he/him/his), Emily Morse (she/her), Oloni (she/her), and Stella Anna Sonnenbaum (she/her). And what sex show would be complete without the inclusion of Dr. Ruth Westheimer (she/her).

Others that they have enlisted to join the cast of commentators are Dominique Jackson (she/her), Ian Karmel (he/him), Joel Kim Booster (he/him), Katherine Ryan (she/her), London Hughes (she/her), Mae Martin (they/them), Michelle Buteau (she/her), Nikki Glaser (she/her), Romesh Ranganathan (he/him), Sam Jay (she/her), and Trixie Mattel (she/her).

To make the subject that everyone loves talking about but hates to admit that they do easier to digest, the show has a segment called the A-B-Cs of S-E-X.

This segment will feature a collective of sex-positive puppets that will represent everyone (regardless of their location in the broad sexual spectrum) and break down various topics on the subject. The conversations are said to explore “some of the biggest myths, misconceptions, and experiences when it comes to sex and identity.”

But what is sex positivity, and why is it so difficult to talk about?

According to the BBC, there’s no single, agreed-upon definition.

In a report, writer Jessica Klein submits, “while sex educators, academics, sex workers and pornography directors all tend to agree that the liberal use of the term indicates both taking advantage of a buzzword and a true embrace of its ethos, based on the context, they all have slightly different interpretations of what it means and where it came from. Depending on whom you ask, sex positivity encompasses everything from anti-racism to male nudity in the movies.”

Saweetie is perfect for this role since she is one of the sexiest chicks in the game. Just ask Soulja Boy, who lost his mind looking at pics of her in a bikini earlier this summer.

In January, she filmed episode 3 from the third season of her “The Icy Life” web series with Pornhub.