Sean “Diddy” Combs Re-Opens His School As COVID Vaccines Roll Out

Sean Diddy Combs

The rap mogul is re-opening his Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School as more and more people get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Producer, rapper, and all-around multi-hyphenate, Sean “Diddy” Combs, is committed to scholastic excellence.

Known for making hit records, stunting crazy as a businessman, and always up for a good time (his IG rocks with his aspirational and inspirational messages), few people are familiar with his outstanding work in education— on the 6 through 12-grade levels. 

However, with the same care that he made his empire, he is one of the founders of the Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter Schools and the Capital Preparatory Bronx Charter Schools (both of which have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic).

The Bronx campus is now opening for in-person education, moving away from the instituted hybrid that has sustained the educational needs of the students for the last school year during the lockdown. 

Diddy shared, “Our students and teachers have done a great job adjusting to remote learning. I’m proud of their resilience and strength, and I’m excited for them to be back in the classroom.”

His partner-in-elevation Dr. Steve Perry, the man that starts the Capital Prep community, shared, “Getting our children back in brick and mortar has always been our number one priority.”

“Our children need to be in school, safely, to mitigate the learning loss COVID-19 has had on our communities,” Perry continued. “Our class schedule replicates the full-time schedule scholars would have experienced pre-closure, including all core subjects, as well as advisory, student all-school assembly, office hours, and access to sports.”

Capital Prep is not just a place for kids to get the fundamentals of education the Howard Alum has communicated. “We’re not just teaching reading, math, and coding. We are grooming future leaders that will change their communities and the world.”