Sean Kingston Has More Issues With His Bling – He’s Wanted By The Cops For Unpaid Jewelry

Sean Kingston

The police are on the lookout for Sean Kingston after he allegedly failed to pay for some expensive jewelry.

Sean Kingston’s love for jewelry is ending the singer’s 2020 on a bad note.

According to reports, Sean Kingston is wanted by the police for an unpaid jewelry tab. Apparently, the “Beautiful Girls” hitmaker ordered a bunch of pricey bling, and never paid for it.

As a result, the cops are on the lookout for Kingston, and when they catch him he could be sent to jail. Sean has had multiple problems with his jewels over the last several years.

In June of 2016, Sean Kingston ended up in a war with rapper Meek Mill after he was robbed of his bling at a club in Los Angeles in June of 2016, which roped the Philly rapper into a beef with Game, who claimed he snitched to the cops.

Kingston was also sued multiple times over unpaid bills for pricey items like necklaces and watches. In August of 2016, Sean Kingston was sued by a New York jeweler after he bounced a check for nine pieces of jewelry he purchased.

In December of 2016, Sean Kingston was ordered to pay $44,000 to Haimov Jewelers in Florida for a bunch of jewels he ordered and never paid for.

And in February of 2018, Kingston was ordered to pay $301,000 for running off with two diamond necklaces and two watches.

Sean Kingston did not seemed phase by the arrest warrant. He took to the gram to flaunt his mansion, a lamborghini SUV, his Maybach, an iced out watch and a $300 face mask!

Sean Kingston Flaunting His Wealth