Search For 40 Cal’s Missing Daughter Goes Into Its 10th Day; Mom Speaks Out

40 Cal is pleading with the Buffalo police, the Mayor and his fans to help him find his daughter Saniyya Dennis, who has been missing for 10 days.

Former Diplomats rapper 40 Cal is still in the middle of a family crisis over his missing teenage daughter.

Saniyya Dennis was last seen leaving her dorm room on the campus of SUNY Buffalo State College in New York, late on April 24th.

Her worried parents are desperately seeking any helpful tips which can lead to her safe return. Dennis’ mother, Latisha Dennis, told local news station WGRZ-TV talked about the toll the drama was taking on the family.

“I’m very concerned about Saniyya. We just want our daughter back. We love her and miss her very much, and this is really hard.”

40 Cal, real name Calvin Byrd, has since vowed to pay whatever it takes to be reunited with their child.

“I’m offering a reward out of my own money, $10,000, $20,000, whatever. I swear I’ll pay, just give details,” he pleaded. “You don’t even have to tell your name, just details that connect. I swear I’ll pay you, I just want to get my daughter back, that’s it.”

Today marks the 10th day Saniyya Dennis has been missing. 40 Cal’s friends and followers have been blasting Buffalo’s Mayor Byron Brown for his lack of action.

The cops are also being scrutinized too, over an unreleased video of Saniyya at an NFTA bus terminal in Buffalo, which was sent to the Buffalo State Police.

“We recognize that there is great interest in the details of this case, but please understand that in order to protect the integrity of this multi-agency investigation, we are unable to publicly disclose certain aspects of the case,” said Katherine Conway-Turner President of Buffalo State College.

“This remains an active missing person investigation, and our dedicated officers, investigators and UPD staff will not rest until Saniyya is found,” Conway-Turner said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact UPD at (716) 878-6333 or call the university’s police department anonymous tip line bike dialing (716) 878-3166.

Take a look at the press conference 40 Cal and his family hosted.