Sexyy Red Says Khia’s “Ol Bones” Will Get Dragged In Real Life

Sexyy Red

The bad blood between the two women continues to boil over.

Some people believe Sexyy Red is playing with fire at this point. The “SkeeYee” rapper continues to throw shots at Khia after the rapper-turned-internet personality delivered a scathing rant directed at Red.

The beef took off online after Khia expressed having a problem with fans claiming that newcomers like Sexyy Red and Sukihana are like new versions of the “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” performer.

“I’m ’bout tired of y’all comparing me to these hoes,” said Khia on her internet show. “I said, ‘My neck, my back, my p####, and my crack.’ Not these n##### out here, these hoes out here.”

Those comments led to Sexyy Red calling Khia a “washed up hag” and a “hater.” Khia fired back with a lengthy verbal attack that left many social media users calling the move a clear victory in the battle.

“We the people versus fugly, non-sexy, f##### up-ass Red,” Khia recited. “Your ass is being charged with not being ashamed of your g###### self. Doing hoe s### and being mad about it.”

She continued, “Being a deadbeat baby mama, a deadbeat daddy, a deadbeat daughter and a deadbeat, Young Thugga-looking-ass b####. Skin looking like a wrinkled bed sheet.”

However, Red did not accept defeat. She went on to compare Khia to Martin Lawrence’s character in Blue Streak. In addition, the St. Louis-bred breakout star of 2023 had more to say to her current adversary.

“Khia will get dem ol bones dragged in real life but she don’t got enough money to [be] in the same room as me 💋,” Sexyy Red posted on the X platform on November 2.