6ix9ine Accused Of Humiliating Cubans And Forces Government To Shut Down Internet

6ix9ine and Tekashi69

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s has made headlines on the international front again, this time he caused the government of Cuba to shut down the Internet!

Just as news of 6ix9ine’s Israel concert was announced, the Biggest Opp has again made headlines on the international front.

According to local reports, the Brooklyn rapper is accused of causing chaos after tossing money at fans in Havana, Cuba, but accounts differ. 

Some people say on Thursday, February 16th, 6ix9ine threw money out of a window at the Grand Packard Iberostar hotel, where he was staying. Others say he made it rain from his car.

Either way, the gesture has been seen by many, including the Cuban government, as a “humiliating” and “shameful” act, amping up images of poverty that many people around the world have about the small island country.

In fact, it has been reported that the government shut down the internet for hours to stop the videos of the incident from circulating.

Earlier in the week, the rapper posted videos of him in Cuba but has since deleted them.

No one knows precisely why the rapper is/was in Cuba since Tourism is prohibited. Americans are only allowed to go if they are traveling in a group for a “people-to-people” cultural/educational tour.

Regarding the money, the rainbow-haired rapper has issued a disclaimer saying, on his Instagram Stories days ago, “I ain’t got no money, that money you be seeing me with on Instagrams that be fake money, props.”