Sheek Louch “Can’t Accept” That Quentin Miller Wrote Lyrics For Nas On ‘King’s Disease II’ 

Quentin Miller Nas

Sheek Louch said Quentin Miller might have written a hook, but Nas needs “to write everything that comes out his mouth.”

Sheek Louch is having a hard time accepting Quentin Miller wrote for Nas, despite him being a credited writer on Nas’ King’s Disease II song “The Pressure.” 

When the topic came up during an interview with VladTV, the LOX member struggled to wrap his head around Miller writing for the legendary Queens emcee.  

“When you say ‘wrote for him,’” Sheek Louch asked the host. “Like, wrote his lyrics, or came up with the hook? ‘Cause you know that s### matters. Like, say you did a hook for me, I’m cool with that. You can write a hook for me, hell yeah. If you say ‘I wrote those lyrics that people said was amazing,’ then it’s different.” 

Quentin Miller On Writing For Nas

Vlad then played Louch a clip of Quentin Miller explaining how he ended up with writing credits for a Nas song. While Vlad tried to “clear it up,” by asking, “what exactly did you do on the song ‘The Pressure’?” Miller refused to be tied down by specifics. He also suggested he wrote for Nas on other unreleased tracks.  

“Man, I was just a part of it,” he offered. “I don’t even want to do all that. I was a part of the song though, man, and people gon’ have to live with it. People are hurt, people still comment at me like ‘You lying.’ Yes, man, I did. I’m not saying it to hurt Nas’s legacy, I’m only a part of one song. I worked with Nas, I’m gonna leave it at that. That’s the only song I worked on with Nas that came out.” 

Nonetheless, Sheek Louch maintained that he “can’t accept” Nas didn’t write his own raps even though he acknowledged other rappers in the industry use writers. but was willing to believe he could have written the hook. “I think [Nas] need to write everything that comes out his mouth,” he added. “Whoever write your rhymes might as well hold your microphone.” Check out the clip below and listen to “The Pressure” at the end of the page.

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