SIGNS: Dunkin’ Employee Socks Old Man For Calling Him N-Word – Man Dies!


Sad times, an old man gets punched and dies after calling a man the N-Word!

A 77-year old man died after being punched in the face by Dunkin’ employee who was responding to being called a racial epithet.

The man was punched and then his head hit the ground, effectively killing him. This all happened in Tampa, Florida. According to Tampa police the victim went through a drive-through a few days ago and was upset due to what he considered a lack of service. The man entered the premises but was soon asked to leave by employees. This is weird everything went left. He got into an argument with a 27 year old man named Corey. The two kept arguing and the 77 year old called Corey the N-word. Corey then dared him to say it again. I am not sure if he said it again but he was punched.

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Now, Corey is charged with aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person with a weapon. He is currently in a local jail with no bond. The case is under investigation at the time of this writing. There was no lengthy comment from the franchise but they are saying one record that they are deeply saddened.

“The franchisee, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, is fully cooperating with the local authorities,” a short statement said. “As this is an ongoing investigation, we defer any additional questions to the police.”

A nearby – seemingly needy – friend of both men said:

“[Corey] was a good guy, he used to open Dunkin’ every morning. He’d offer us free coffee, we’d help with the trash. It’s just surprising he would be the one to do something like this,” the man said.

Now, kids, what can we learn from this situation? First of all, do not call anyone a racist term with a long-standing legacy of hatred behind it. Second of all, learn to control your self and not to respond to everything, particularly terms that don’t even define. Third of all, this is still an extremely racist country with racist people and a racist legal and court system. AND this is Florida. The odds are stacked against Corey even though his fellow employees say he was a good person.

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