Sir The Baptist Talks About Ghetto Gospel, Being The Preachers Kid, Creflo Dollar And More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) recently sat down with upcoming Chicago lyricist Sir The Baptist for an interview, where the MC discusses everything from his upbringing as a preacher’s child, to his gospel music style, Creflo Dollar and much more.

The “ghetto gospel” MC made headlines after his appearance at Lollapalooza in Chicago, in which the socially conscious lyricist sang from a casket and preached atop a church pew, while addressing issues plaguing his hometown of Chicago and cities nationwide.

A preacher’s child, the rapper takes the gospel sound and puts his own spin on it, making it directly relevant to many of the ills plaguing the secular world.

“I think if they’re more honest and straight forward then when they get caught in sex scandals for a pastor taking a picture of his penis and stuff like that when you get caught in that type of stuff its because you wasn’t a regular ni##a,” Sir The Baptist told “Just be chill bro relax be yourself be who you are when you leave church, don’t pretend in church and that’s just my music man”

Check out the full interview, where Sir The Baptist provides some insight into his style of music and his take on controversial preachers being caught in questionable acts such as Creflo Dollar simultaneously.