Skillz Says He’s Not Releasing A “2021 Rap Up”


Skillz announced he won’t drop a “Rap Up” song for 2021, ending an annual Hip Hop tradition that began with his “2002 Rap Up.’

Skillz has decided not to release a “Rap Up” song for 2021.

The veteran rapper announced he wouldn’t drop a “2021 Rap Up” on Friday (December 3). Skillz didn’t provide a reason why he’s stopping the yearly recaps.

“Ain’t gonna be no 2021 Rap Up from me,” he wrote on Twitter and Instagram. “I’m done with em.”

Skillz began his yearly recaps with the “2002 Rap Up.” The songs quickly became an annual Hip Hop tradition that fans came to expect every year.

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Prior to his announcement, Skillz hinted he was done with “Rap Up” concept. A few hours before he made it official, the Virginia native tweeted a video of Magic Johnson’s infamous “I’m not gonna be here” quote in reference to the “Rap Up.”

“I for sure gotta be on my way to being the most influential, imitated, concept rapper of all time,” he wrote alongside the clip. “Hope you enjoyed 20 years of raps ups bcuz come this time next year?”

Unless Skillz changes his mind, the “2020 Rap Up” will be the final release in his series. Uncle Murda has done his own version of the yearly recaps but received strong backlash – including a diss track – from the concept’s originator.