Slim Jesus Adversary 3Pac Dead At 24

RIP, Buddy

He was mostly comedy, but the online rap community mourns the death of rapper 3Pac, who passed after a water polo contest late last week.

3Pac, real name Ryan Harryman, was a student at San Jose State University and rapped part-time. He was removed from life support Saturday, because his brain was greatly damaged when he stopped breathing during a water polo practice last week. He was underwater for an extended time.

Harryman rapped as 3PAC and thousands upon thousands of YouTube views proved his humor was infectious. His fan club was the “Zero Hoots Gang.”

A couple years ago, he released a song with the description, “3pac proves he is the real rap god and superior to eminem in this diss. kendrick lamar is hoot too.”

About a month ago, he sort of dissed Slim Jesus in a video with mostly grunts and sounds.

On “Rich White Man Mark Cuban,” he bragged “I hold it down for the wild, wild West.”