Snoop Dogg Crushes 200M Race During Olympic Trials: Watch

Snoop Dogg

The D-O-Double-G ran against Ato Boldon and Wallace Spearmon during Sunday’s (June 23) race.

Snoop Dogg is preparing for his NBC commentator role at the 2024 Paris Olympics next month. Why not start with a 200-meter sprint alongside some of the best athletes in the world? The Death Row Records boss took it upon himself to participate in the 200m trial run in Oregon over the weekend.

Sporting a team USA shirt honoring the late Kobe Bryant to go with his American flag-themed pants, Snoop Dogg ran against Ato Boldon and Wallace Spearmon during Sunday’s (June 23) race. Snoop’s competition ended up smoking him (no pun intended). Snoop finished the race in a distant third place with a time of 34.44 seconds. But Snoop was still happy with his time, saying, “34.44 for a 52-year-old? Ain’t bad.”

Snoop Dogg was back to commentating shortly after catching his breath, lending his colorful remarks to the steeplechase run as part of the broadcast.

“Oh he’s jumping on top of the hurdle,” he said. “You can do that?! That was a cold trick right there. I like that one. Went off the tippy-top.”

Snoop Dogg initially went viral alongside Kevin Hart as they were commentating on the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, specifically the equestrian events. During the Paris games, he’ll finally be able to meet the “crip-walking” horse. He told Jimmy Fallon how much he’s looking forward to seeing the horse in action during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last month.

“I’m going to meet the horse in real life,” Snoop Dogg revealed. “He’s the returning champ. So I got to go meet him—you know what I’m saying?—and let him know I’m a big fan.”