Snoop Dogg Revealed He Once Had A Dollar Bill-Sized Pet Roach He Dubbed “The G####”  

Snoop Dogg

In his eleventh interview with Nardwuar, Snoop Dogg told a hilarious story about his seemingly immortal pet roach, “The G####.”

Snoop Dogg may be known for his love of canines, reportedly having up to 11 dogs in his pack over the years, but he also used to have a pet most people would rather not have in their home. 

The Death Row Records boss recently recalled a hilarious story about his indestructible pet roach. The pest was already living in the apartment when Snoop Dogg moved in, and despite his best attempts, the roach proved impossible to kill. 

He told the story during his latest interview with Canadian media legend Nardwuar the Human Serviette. As he’s known to do, the journalist pulled out a rare piece of artist trivia, this time about a pet cockroach.  

“G#### used to live with me. In my apartment I had a roach that we couldn’t kill.” Snoop Dogg recalled. “We tried to kill that muthafucka when we first moved in, and he wouldn’t die so we called him The G####.” 

However, Snoop said the already large roach “just kept getting bigger and bigger.” During the six months or so that Snoop Dogg lived in the apartment, his pet roach “grew to the size of about a whole dollar bill.” 

However, he also revealed he and his roommates left food out for The G####, so they probably contributed to his size.  

Nardwuar Gifts Snoop Dogg A Piece Of Fan Art From A Classic Interview

Snoop Dogg and Nardwuar’s interactions are so iconic they even have their own fan art. During their eleventh interview, Nardwuar presented the West Coast legend with an image of a recreation of one of their classic interviews created by miniature artist Duane Shoots Toys.  

“Smokefest the small version, that’s gangsta,” Snoop said, checking out the intricate details. “He’s a dope artist. That’s hard as s### cuz.” Check out the clip below and watch the moment Nardwuar gifted Snoop a rare copy of his first movie at the end of the page.  

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