Soulja Boy Apologizes For Calling Twitch Racist

The “She Make It Clap” rhymer is ending his #BoycottTwitch campaign.

Soulja Boy is walking back on one of his viral rants. The outspoken Atlanta-raised rapper/gamer snapped on Twitch after claiming the live streaming platform was racist.

“I can’t believe twitch can just ban you without any proof or explanation. This doesn’t feel right. I gotta sue these people,” tweeted Soulja Boy on December 15.

He later added, “I need the best lawyer money can buy dm me I got millions I wanna sue twitch I feel like they racist they ban me without no explanation I will not stand for this.”

Additionally, Soulja Boy called on his 5.4 million Twitter followers to refrain from using Twitch as a protest. Another one of his tweets simply read, “#BoycottTwitch #TwitchisRacist.”

Now Soulja Boy is retracting his comments about the company. The 31-year-old southerner returned to Twitter in order to apologize to the Amazon subsidiary.

“Just spoke with Twitch I would like to send an apology to the entire staff and community. It’s their decision, let’s just see what happens. Thanks for your support 🙏🏾💯,” posted Soulja Boy on Thursday.