Soulja Boy Clowns WWE Wrestler, Randy Orton Accused Of Using Racial Stereotype

The Viper’s “baby’s mommas” remark has the internet questioning if he really wanted to call SB the n-word.

Social media bad blood that began over a week ago is still playing out online. Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy versus WWE wrestler Randy Orton has become one of the most-talked-about celebrity feuds of 2021.

It all started when Soulja randomly tweeted, “Rap game faker than WWE.” That statement triggered Orton which led to an extensive back-and-forth between the two men on Twitter. The digs included the “Crank That” performer challenging the 14-time world champion.

The beef seemed to die down until Orton returned to Twitter on March 9 to throw another shot. The master of the RKO finishing move wrote, “Fake. Right @souljaboy? Btw, which one of yo baby’s mommas do I send the bill to for making you relevant again? I assume they all own yo ass so whose cuttin those checks.”

Soulja Boy responded by tweeting, “Yeah that s### is fake homeboy. And I don’t got no baby mommas fool. Looks like your the one looking for relevancy. Enough talking set it up so I can slide on u for the gang, u think s### sweet huh.”

The former star of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood also addressed Orton during a live-streamed video game session. Soulja Boy went on an extended rant about the 40-year-old sports entertainer, including making fun of his ring attire and the recent content on Monday Night Raw.

“The real wrestlers [are] The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, Brock Lesnar. All you other n#####, shut the f### up,” declared Soulja. “I f### with The Dudley Boyz, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy, the Swanton Bomb. All you other n##### shut the f### up.”

Soulja Boy continued, “I looked at the WWE the other day to see what it looked like. Y’all on there spitting fire and spitting acid out your mouth and doing cutscenes. That s### look like a soap opera TV show. That s### was fake as hell. Y’all n##### can’t even act. I ain’t watch wrestling in like 15 years… I can’t wrestle with a n#### that wears leather thongs.”

Randy Orton’s “baby’s momma” jab was not just questioned by Soulja Boy. Other social media users also gave the wrestler the side-eye for what could be perceived as perpetuating racial stereotypes about Black men having a lot of children by different women, especially since Soulja Boy does not have any kids.

Some people also pointed out that Randy Orton is actually the one in this situation that has children with more than one woman. He has been married twice. His current wife is named Kimberly Kessler. They reportedly have one daughter together.

In 2019, Orton faced backlash after he was heard on a live Twitch stream saying the word “n####.” The Viper’s on-screen WWE character has also been accused in the past of using racial dog whistles to demean Black wrestlers as part of the promotion’s scripted storyline.