Soulja Boy Sued For Allegedly Beating Up Woman; Causing Miscarriage

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is being sued for allegedly beating up a “Jane Doe” so bad that she suffered a miscarriage!

More domestic violence accusations have been leveled against Soulja Boy.

This time his alleged violent outbursts have resulted in the death of an unborn child and a lawsuit for damages.

Reports state that an unnamed woman, filing under the pseudonym “Jane Doe,” has claimed that he has been beating on her for years.

The woman provided a timeline to the assaults in the lawsuit that might give a clue as to who this anonymous woman might be.

In 2015, while being pregnant with “his child,” the two got into an argument.

What started as a simple conversation elevated into a violent one-sided fight where he punched her in her face and chest until she was unable to stand up and fell to the ground.

When she had fallen to the ground, he began to kick her, hitting her entire body. One location she was punted was in her abdomen.

She believes that the battery caused her to miscarry the baby.

Despite the beating, Jane Doe stayed with Soulja Boy and endured more trauma. She chronicled several other times he hit her. One incident was captured in 2018 during the filming of a show that aired on WeTV in 2019.

The assault was caught on night vision cameras.

The woman is suing for assault, sexual battery, gender violence, and other abuses. She is asking for damages.

The suspicion is that this unnamed woman is Nia Riley, his former girlfriend. Nia and Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, were cast members on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and Marriage Boot Camp.

Recently, appeared on Unwine with Tasha K and revealed previously untold incidents of domestic violence she experienced at the hand of the “Kiss Me Through The Phone” rapper.

One of the stories alleges that he put a gun to her head. She also details a similar story as Miss Jane Doe, where she shares a story of him kicking her in the stomach while she was pregnant.

This story is developing.