Starrah Named CEO Of 3:02 Music Group

The Grammy winner is looking to develop talent with the new company.

Award-winning singer/songwriter Brittany “Starrah” Hazzard entered a joint publishing venture with PULSE Music Group. The deal includes Starrah taking on the role of CEO for her own publishing company, 3:02 Music Group.

Nick Jarjour, Starrah’s manager, is a co-founder of the 3:02 Music Group venture as well. 3:02 will sign and develop a roster of artists, writers, and producers. 

“PULSE Music Group was the first publisher that made me feel like they truly understood my vision when I walked into the room,” says Starrah. “Since I’ve been with them they have been nothing but supportive every step of the way.”

The Longest Interlude album creator continues, “I know that I can always walk into the office or make a phone call and have someone to help me work through the goals that I want to accomplish or get past any obstacles that I come across. Being with PULSE is like being with family. They are my extended family.”

Throughout her career, Starrah has written songs for Rihanna, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, Normani, Camila Cabello, and many others. The Grammy winner recently scored production credits on Kodak Black’s 2022 album Back for Everything.

“It was time for somebody like Starrah,” says Scott Cutler, co-CEO of PULSE Music Group. “There are so many reasons why this was important — she’s one of the most talented songwriters on the planet, there’s no question. She’s also a Black, LGBTQ+ woman who knows what it takes to create an inclusive, diverse environment for music creators.”

Cutler continues, “When Josh Abraham and I first founded PULSE Music Group, we set out to create a best-in-class creative sanctuary for music creators, run by music creators and our company ethos has always been to create an inclusive, diverse creative haven. Starrah is the next voice in this chapter. This industry hasn’t yet had a woman from Starrah’s lens and experience running the show at her own publishing company and we knew we wanted this to be happening at PULSE Music Group.” 

“I signed Starrah to the company my first week with PULSE Music Group and we’ve been fully behind her vision since day one,” said Ashley Calhoun, SVP/Head of Creative, PULSE Music Group. “Six years later and her name is behind the biggest songs out there, topping the charts, winning the most prestigious awards in the industry, and she’s empowered as the CEO of her own publishing venture. Giving important voices in music a chance to be heard and believing in our clients from the early days as they shape their careers is just part of our creative approach and culture here at PULSE—Starrah is a great example of that.”

Starrah named 3:02 Music Group after the area code in Delaware where she was born and raised. The 3:02 roster already includes a team of writers involved in Normani’s “Wild Side” featuring Hip Hop star Cardi B. Representatives of the company also worked on Normani’s upcoming debut studio album.

“PULSE Music Group has always created an environment with unlimited creative freedom for Starrah and have continued that spirit with this new partnership for 3:02,” states Nick Jarjour, 3:02 Music Group co-founder.

Jarjour adds, “Scott, Josh, and Ashley have built a creative powerhouse at PULSE and are now passing the baton to Starrah as the next generation of publishers with this new venture. 3:02 is the destination for talent that wants to be around a culture of respect and positivity. We feel incredibly empowered and have already hit the ground running for the roster with cuts from Normani, Cardi B, Kodak Black, Ed Sheeran, and many more!”