Stefflon Don Warns Young Fans: “Stop Idolizing ‘It’ Girls”  

Stefflon Don

Stefflon Don discouraged young girls from idolizing “It girls”, claiming such women are selling themselves for a lifestyle they can’t afford.

Stefflon Don urged her young female fans not to believe everything they see on social media, claiming that some influencers end up prostituting themselves to maintain a lifestyle they can’t afford.  

The Quality Control signee took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday (Feb. 21), with a warning for her young female followers.  

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“Young girls please stop idolizing the ‘It’ girls,” Stefflon Don began before claiming they’re selling themselves “For a “Lifestyle” they can’t maintain on their own & getting disrespected.” 

She added, “It’s never worth it,” and encouraged, “Go get it your self,” following up with a self-empowerment message. “Whether its school a business or a job,” she added, “ Get it.” 

Stefflon Don also urged her fans to ignore social media likes. She warned against using them as a measure of self-worth. “Yu are amazing and beautiful even if the “likes” on Instagram say other wise,” the “Down Flat” hitmaker added. “You are everything beyond social media, F### social media.” 

Stefflon Don Says Don’t Allow A Boy To Disrespect You Over Money

She concluded: “never allow no boy to disrespect you just cuz he has money: What ever you want make sure you can give it to your self.” 

The U.K. rapper is set to release her long-anticipated debut album this year, despite her breakout coming in 2016. Stefflon Don has high expectations for the upcoming release. She called it a “masterpiece,” and claimied she’s “very much deserving of the No 1 spot.” 

During a recent interview, Stefflon Don revealed she wants to prove herself as an artist and not a female rapper.  

“I’m not living my life like, ‘I’m a woman and I have to prove myself,’” she told The Guardian last December. “I’m just trying to prove myself, period. That’s my mentality, more so now than ever, because I’ve been around for a minute and I feel like everyone is like: ‘OK, I know she can do this and that – what else?’ That’s what it is to be an artist – you’ve always gotta evolve.”