Stormzy And Chip Beef Flares Up Over Dave’s Song “Clash”

Beef is bubbling in the uk, As stormzy and chips rivalry has flared up over Dave’s new song “Clash.”

North London rapper Chip fired off at his rival Stormzy after the latter released a verse on Dave’s song “Clash” dissing him.

“Overrated one, most hated one.

Slid ’round after his birthday, gave him a happy belated one Burned that bridge, creamed one, boom-boom, bailiff one

Got away with murder, this that Viola Davis one They stop and stare, watch rare, clear, stainless one”

This verse references their conflict last July, when Stormzy pulled up to Chip’s house to get it popping.

With lightning speed, he followed up with “Clash?” taking aim at son’s head.

The beef has been brewing for about a year, after Chip dropped the single “Flowers,” “10 Commandments” and “Waze” with Skepta and Young Adz, which teamed up for “Waze” which mocked Stormzy’s claim that he’s the “king” of Grime.

This time fans hope the conflict will stay on beat.

While Dave’s song had a subliminals from Stormzy targeting him, Chip made a whole joint taking aim.

“Guess it’s 2021

Plus, I live in his head rent-free

So, miss me with the bailiff ones

Dum dum, knocking at your forehead from the inside, it’s me!

You can hold this song Put these spitters all in check All you’ll hear is, disrespect

Indirects, what, for me? Don’t insult my intellect Intercept, interject, into grime, into sets Into dubs, into sends”

Fans have responded on social media. Who do you think they got?

“I wanna explain to grime/UK rap fans how nobody in America (the biggest rap market) has heard of Chip but some people have heard of Dave & Stormzy. like beef is cool & all but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if Chip wins because Dave & Stormzy will outsell him”

“Thing is, you can’t indirect a clashing MC like chip. Either clash a war man or don’t say nothing. You look like Charlie Zelenoff doing tricks like that #STORMZY #Chipmunk

“I’m convinced Stormzy is a Chip fan and indirects him just so that he releases music”

“Let’s be real, chip would body stormzy 10 times out of 10”