O’Shea Jackson Jr. Talks Lack Of Diversity At The Oscars & Not Boycotting The Awards Show (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The conversation surrounding the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences routinely not recognizing people of color for their awards is once again playing out in the public. O’Shea Jackson Jr., star of Straight Outta Compton, was among the African-Americans passed over for an Oscar nod this year. The 24-year-old actor has now shared his thoughts about the controversy.

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“Just back to the drawing board,” Jackson told E! about the lack of non-white acting nominees. “They’ll be there for years to come and let’s make sure we are, too.”

Straight Outta Compton has become a central point for critics blasting the Academy’s lack of diversity. None of the film’s actors earned nods nor did the director F. Gary Gray. But the white screenwriters for the N.W.A biopic did get recognized with a Best Original Screenplay nomination.

Some black entertainers have announced they will be boycotting the Oscars event, but Jackson revealed he will be at the ceremony on February 28.

“The voters, they’re entitled to their own opinions, just like you and I. That doesn’t mean Straight Outta Compton is not being celebrated,” added Jackson. “We are still up for an award for original screenplay, and I will be there to represent Straight Outta Compton.”

Jackson’s father and Straight Outta Compton producer Ice Cube recently gave his own subtle critique of the Academy’s tendency to only nominate African-Americans for playing subservient roles. While he made it clear recognition from the film industry does not define his success, Cube stated, “Maybe we should have put a slave in Straight Outta Compton. I think that’s where we messed up.”

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Watch O’Shea Jackson Jr.’s interview below.