SUPER BOWL SHENANIGANS: Andy Reid’s Top 3 Rappers

Bet you don’t have the same as the coach!

As the world gears up for the Philadelphia Eagles to go up against the Kansas City Chiefs, two teams with identical high-scoring records for the season, folk are interested in all kinds of things about the people behind their success.

At least we over at are tuned in …

So, when Sports Illustrated released Chief’s coach Andy Reid’s Top 3 Rappers of all time, thanks to the brilliance of former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall’s excellent job as a reporter, we were here for it.

Reid answered jokingly, “Do the Fat Boys count as one rapper?”

Then he got serious.

“All right, Jay-Z … I’m missing Master P. I’m giving you all the old ones. Lil Wayne, wasn’t he just at (Arrowhead Stadium)? Who was just at our place?”

Lil Wayne was not there. It was Lil Jon, who came out with a set during his team’s divisional-round game against the Jaguars.

Tough questions when you consider the hundreds of great emcees there are in the world.

Reid said to Marshall, “You’ve got to give me an easier question than that, doggone it.”

That’s true … the “top three” question is super hard for anyone. Who do you have as your top trio?