Super Producer Mike Dean Marries British Model Louise Donegan

On Sunday (July 7), the new bride shared an Instagram photo of herself and Dean dressed to the nines with the caption “We do.”

Super producer Mike Dean—best known for his work with Kanye West and Travis Scott—married his longtime girlfriend Louise Donegan over the weekend. On Sunday (July 7), the British model shared an Instagram photo of herself and Dean dressed to the nines with the caption “We do.”

She also shared a photo of the wedding cake her “mum” baked her for the occasion and a photo of her “impromptu” maid of honor, making it sound like it was a last minute affair.

Donegan has worked with several prominent modeling agencies throughout her career, including LA Models, Model Management Hamburg and Photogenics Los Angeles. She has appeared in various high-profile advertisements and editorials, such as Allure and Vanity Fair Italy. Donegan’s modeling career spans more than a decade, featuring collaborations with brands like John Richmond and L’Oréal Youth Code.

Beyond modeling, Donegan is also an artist. She recently exhibited a collection titled “Liath” (Gaelic for grey) at the Salomon Contemporary Gallery in New York. Her artistic work involves creating images with minimal color, which are then printed and laminated onto plexiglass for a high-sheen finish. Donegan’s artistic influences include Wassily Kandinsky, Chris Ofili and Wangechi Mutu, reflecting her diverse interests and talents in both the fashion and art worlds​

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Mike Dean, a Houston native, started his music career in the early 1980s. He first gained recognition working with Texas-based rap legends like Scarface, Willie D and the Geto Boys. Over the years, his synthesizer-heavy production and audio mixing have become integral to the sounds of many high-profile artists, including Kanye West, Beyoncé, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, JAY-Z and The Weeknd​.

Dean’s influence extends beyond just production. The proud weed connoisseur has released several solo albums, including 4:20 (2020), 4:22 (2021) and Smoke State 42222 (2022).

His background also includes playing guitar for Latin pop star Selena, which added to his diverse musical repertoire. Dean’s ability to blend different genres and his mastery of various instruments have cemented his status as a key figure in modern music producer.