Suspect In Brooklyn Rapper Nick Blixky’s Murder Has Been Arrested

Evidence points to ex-convict as the prime suspect of the fatal shooting.

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn rapper Nick Blixky was just 21-years-old when he was shot dead on Winthrop Street in Prospect Lefferts Garden last month.

The rising Hip-Hop star was hit in the upper body and on the back, causing fatal injuries. After obtaining surveillance footage, cops say they saw Caliph Glean dap Blixky up just moments before the shooting.

“There is probable cause to believe that the individual who shot and killed [Nick Blixky] is Glean,” one NYPD officer wrote in his report that was filed this past Thursday.

According to the Feds, what led them to Glean’s involvement was a surveillance video that was later recovered nearby. In the video, the alleged shooter is seen with a blue bandana around his face, a patterned hoodie, bronze sneakers, and a gold ring on his left ring finger. What truly caught the Feds’ eye was the distinctive tattoo on the shooter’s left arm – a globe.

That tattoo was an exact match to the one seen on photos of Glean, who already has a record for illegal possession of ammunition and attempted murder.

This investigation is still pending.