SZA Wonders If “Chasing After Superstardom” Is Sustainable


SZA is scheduled to release her new album ‘S.O.S.’ in December, but she’s unsure how long she’ll stick around the music industry.

SZA discussed her struggles with the music industry in an interview with Billboard.

The TDE singer contemplated her longevity ahead of her new album S.O.S, which is scheduled to drop in December. SZA felt “emotionally [and] energetically unequipped” for the demands of a pop artist.

“I feel like music, in this capacity, I don’t see longevity,” she told Billboard. “I like to create, I like to write, I like to sing, and I like to share. But I don’t know if chasing after superstardom or whatever I’m supposed to be doing right now is sustainable for me or for anybody. I’ma take a good swing at it, and I’ma give ’em my absolute best.”

SZA vented about the stress and “red tape” involved in releasing her S.O.S. album. She also pictured what life might be like after music.

“I could be a biologist and I’ma discover a creature that didn’t exist before,” she suggested. “I could be a farmer tomorrow and create my own strain of asparagus.”

She added, “I know that I am that girl where I will figure it out. Just like before I was an artist.”

S.O.S. will be SZA’s first album since her 2017 debut Ctrl. She released a new single titled “Shirt” in October.