SZA’s Concert Confession: Exposes Unfaithful Ex-Boyfriend During London Show 


SZA told the London crowd she was turned off from the city after a bad experience there involving an unfaithful former boyfriend.

SZA turned her London concert into a confessional, dishing the dirt on an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her while they were in the capital city. 

The Grammy Award winning R&B singer made her dramatic admission while floating in the air on an inflatable boat at London’s O2 Arena, where she performed Monday (Jun. 27.)  

“I never told anybody but, my boyfriend cheated on me in this city before,” SZA began her story. She then paused while the supportive crowd jeered loudly, before revealing her ex’s infidelity left her with a dislike of the city.  

“It was hysterical. That’s why I was really sad to come here but you guys made it better. Thank you!” she said before launching into her next number. “This song is about my other trash ex-boyfriend,” SZA added as she began, “Nobody Gets Me.” Check out the clip below.  

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In the song, the St. Louis, Missouri native recalls a relationship with her ex-fiancé and how it all fell apart. During an interview with Hot97 last year, she revealed ” The stories that I tell in that song about our arguments.” She recalled that their eventual breakup was “terrible.” SZA felt “doomed” because “nobody understood” or “motivated me the way he did.” She added, “He was just this rock in my life that no longer exists.” 

Both the man named in the London story and the “Nobody Gets Me,” ex-fiancé remain unnamed, as does the target or her wrath in “Kill Bill”. However, SZA has a couple of famous exes, including Drake and Kehlani.  

Back in 2020, SZA exposed another unfaithful ex-boyfriend in a series of social media posts. She claimed she once caught her man at a party in an extremely compromising position with her friend.  

The singer pulled up to the party after being invited by the same “homegirl” who had her sights set on SZA’s man. After searching every room in the house, she finally found her man, and her friend. 

He was “f###### my homegirl from the back,” SZA explained. “Everybody thinks they become donkey Kong in that situation but I really just said “oop SORRY !!” And closed the door real fast 😂 I walked all the way home in the dark alone and cried 🥴”