T.I. Recalls Receiving A $26 Million Paycheck 


T.I. warned that while it feels better than being broke, “eight figure checks feel like the devil could potentially pull you under.”

T.I. has earned a lot of money from his career as a rapper since releasing his debut album, I’m Serious in 2001. 

However, fans might be shocked to hear just how much paper the Atlanta native has received. T.I. gave some insight into how much bank he’s making during a recent interview with Tony The Closer.  

When asked what his biggest every payday was, T.I. gave a whopping eight-figure number. “The most money I’ve ever had at once as far as one paycheck,” he began. “26 million maybe something like that.”  

While the average person cannot fathom receiving such a monumental sum at once, T.I. appeared to take it in his stride, although he did warn receiving that much money at one time can be a curse.  

“It felt like 26 million,” T.I. explained nonchalantly. “Eight figure checks feel like the devil could potentially pull you under. It just feel like it’s a lot of scrutiny,” he added. “Because people are after this. This is what everybody wants. I’m holding it right here in my hand, it got my name on it. So it feels like a lot of responsibility.” 

Ultimately, however, T.I. stated the obvious: “It feel better than being broke, I’ll tell you that.”

T.I. Blasts Atlanta Falcons Over Rotimi Promo Song

While he did not reveal what he received the $26 million payday for, one bag T.I. didn’t secure was the Atlanta Falcons promo song. That honor went to New Jersey native and Power actor Rotimi, much to the self-proclaimed King of the South’s chagrin.  

The move angered local football fans, including T.I., who pointed out that Atlanta has a roster of talented artists in its own backyard. 

He took to Instagram to share his confusion and blast the Falcons for the selection.  

“Atlanta falcons. Uh, listen, um, who in the f### did you call, bro?” T.I. questioned. He explained his issue was not with Rotimi but with the organization refusing to go with a local artist.  

“Who did you call? I ain’t got no problem with Rotimi. Rotimi a good cat, man. I fuckk with Rotimi, man. He a brother, he a brother, he’s an ally. He’s a brother and we f### with him. We have so much culture, so much talent in the city, man. So many hardcore, die-hard falcon fans that happen to be a-list talent in the city.” 

T.I. went on to note Quavo, 2Chainz, and Killer Mike would have recorded the song. “I mean, I would’ve did it,” he added. “I know Jeezy would’ve did it. N####, bruh, who approved that? Who’s sitting in these meetings?” Check out the clip below.  

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