T-Pain Responds To Backlash Over Viral Video Of Him Dancing To Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us”


The “I’m Sprung” hitmaker has words for online cynics.

The Kendrick Lamar versus Drake feud has diehard fans of both superstars ready to defend their favorite competitor at all costs. It seems T-Pain recently felt the wrath of Drake supporters for having fun with one of Lamar’s diss records.

Footage of T-Pain vibing to the Mustard-produced “Not Like Us” by Kendrick Lamar spread across the internet. The Godfather of Auto-Tune showed off his dancing skills on stage in Las Vegas as the song played in the background.

Apparently, T-Pain’s live dance routine to the diss track did not sit right with some people. He took to the X social media platform to respond to the backlash over the clip.

“Welp! You heard it here first folks. Don’t drunk dance in a robe. Somehow it’s a political statement now.” T-Pain tweeted on Sunday (May 27).

He also wrote, “[Please] don’t let somebody else’s beef kill y’all’s fun. Let [people] dance PLEASE!! Mustard killed that f##### beat tho. It’d be pretty weird if you didn’t dance to it.”

In 2023, T-Pain spoke about Drake on an episode of his Nappy Boy Radio podcast. After admitting to making “simping” songs, Pain suggested the Canadian rapper is the new leader of the “simping” music movement.