EXCLUSIVE: Takeoff’s Dad Intervenes In $1M Wrongful Death Lawsuit Amidst Reports Of Estate Feud


A wrongful death lawsuit against a Houston venue for rapper Takeoff’s death is now getting complicated now that his dad has intervened.

The tragic death of rapper Takeoff may be turning into a family feud over a year after he was gunned down in November of 2022. 

Titania Davenport has become embroiled in multiple legal battles related to her acclaimed son’s murder, including a $1 million wrongful death lawsuit against 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, the venue where her son was fatally shot. 

The lawsuit, filed in June 2023, alleges that the venue knew about the private party Takeoff attended but failed to provide adequate security measures. 

But now, Takeoff’s dad, Kenneth Ball, recently stepped into the lawsuit as an “Intervenor.” An “Intervenor” in a wrongful death lawsuit, or any other civil lawsuit, refers to a third party who joins an existing legal case. 

Kenneth Ball was not initially named in, or a part of, Davenport’s lawsuit but decided to enter because of the personal effect the death of his son had on him. 

“[Kenneth Ball], the natural parent of [Takeoff], has suffered substantial pecuniary loss both in the past and in the future. Indeed, [Ball] has suffered past and future pecuniary loss, including funeral and burial expenses, psychological and psychiatric expenses, loss of advice, loss of counsel, loss of services, loss of care, loss of maintenance and loss of support,” Ball’s Houston-based lawyer Brant J. Stogner explained. 

Like Takeoff’s mom, Kenneth Ball seeks at least $1 million from 810 Billiards & Bowling. Takeoff died without a will, leaving behind an estate worth at least $26 million. 

Reports suggest that Kenneth Ball and Titania Davenport are involved in a dispute over his estate. Despite the alleged conflict, in this lawsuit, both of Takeoff’s parents claim the venue did not implement proper screening or other safety methods to ensure adequate security at the event. 

Both lawsuits point out at least 18 instances where the venue failed to protect its patrons, including Takeoff and other public figures present at the event.

The owners of 810 Billiards and Bowling, however, have strongly denied any responsibility for Takeoff’s death. Their defense is focused on the actions of Patrick Xavier Clark and Cameron Joshua, who were implicated in the shooting. 

The legal representatives of the venue argue that these individuals acted independently, thus absolving the venue of liability in the rapper’s death. 

Clark, who was 33 at the time, was charged with murder following his arrest on December 2, 2022, while Cameron Joshua, known as “Lil Cam 5th,” was arrested on charges related to firearm possession.