Takeoff’s Legacy Immortalized In Record-Breaking Tattoo Tribute


A 79-foot tattoo tribute to the late rapper Takeoff has set a new Guinness World Record, symbolizing a poignant homage to the artist! Read more!

A monumental tribute to the late rapper Takeoff has made its mark in the Guinness World Records.

‌A staggering 79-foot tattoo dedicated to the cherished musician has set a new benchmark in the realm of body art, signifying a touching chapter in the annals of fan memorials.

‌Takeoff, a vital member of the acclaimed rap ensemble Migos, met a tragic end in a shooting incident at a Houston bowling alley in November 2022.

‌The rapper was an unintended victim when shots were fired at a private gathering. The altercation, which also injured two others, reportedly stemmed from a dispute over a dice game involving Takeoff’s uncle, Quavo.

The individual implicated in Takeoff’s murder, Patrick Xavier Clark, was formally indicted by a grand jury on May 25, 2023. Clark, who was apprehended in December 2022, spent approximately a month behind bars before being released on a $1 million bond in January 2023.

He was subsequently placed under house arrest and required to wear a GPS-tracking device. Despite the charges, Clark continues to assert his innocence and is slated for arraignment on August 23.

‌The record-setting tattoo, a tribute to Takeoff, was the collective effort of artists from Atlanta Ink, Iron Palm Tattoos, and Pèse Noir.

‌The tattoo, which required over six months of meticulous work, features a detailed depiction of Takeoff.

‌The inception of the record-breaking tattoo not only commemorates Takeoff’s enduring legacy but also underscores the devastating consequences of gun violence.