Talib Kweli & Madlib Eschew Major Streaming Platforms For ‘Liberation 2’ Album

Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli teamed up with Madlib to create a sequel to their ‘Liberation’ album. ‘Liberation 2’ drops on March 6.

Talib Kweli and Madlib won’t release their Liberation sequel on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Luminary, a subscription podcast network, announced it will be the exclusive home of Talib Kweli and Madlib’s Liberation 2 album. The collaborative project drops on March 6.

“This album was written, recorded and mixed over 10 years,” Talib Kweli said. “It’s expansive in concept but tight in its substance and approach. People today are taking stock of what is most important – family, health, wellness, love.”

He added, “The materialism and debauchery that is stereotypically associated with Hip-Hop has lost some of its luster. Madlib and I have been consistent in our messaging. Never has there been a better time for such honest, message-driven music that pays tribute to the sounds that came before us.”

Talib Kweli and Mos Def released their Black Star album No Fear of Time on Luminary in 2022. The Madlib-produced project remains exclusive to the platform, which offers monthly subscriptions for $4.99 and annual plans for $34.99.

“Our partnership with Luminary allows us to retain ownership, allowing us to create an exclusive experience for listeners,” Talib Kweli said. “I’m excited to be at the forefront of Luminary’s foray into the music space, and we have a chance to change the industry for the better with the release of this album.”

Listen to “After These Messages” from the upcoming Liberation 2 album below.