Tasha K Fights Cardi B’s Attempt To Silence Her

Cardi B vs Tasha K

Tasha K is fighting Cardi B’s attempt to get a court to make the YouTube personality stop talking about her in the future! Read more!

Tasha K’s bitter war with Cardi B is still bubbling, despite the vlogger being handed a $4 million loss after their recent court battle.

In January, Cardi defeated Tasha K in a defamation of character lawsuit after a jury sided with the Bronx, New York rapper, who claimed the “UnwinewithTashaK” host’s constant attacks were nothing but lies.

Tasha made many shady allegations about Cardi. She claimed the rapper was a prostitute with herpes and HPV – allegations proven to be falsehoods.

Tasha K also claimed Cardi B took a beer bottle from a customer when she was a stripper, inserted it inside herself, and then took a swig before giving the brew back to the man. 

Even though Tasha K lost $4 million, Cardi believes the attacks will continue unless a court orders the YouTube personality to stop.

Last week, Cardi went back to court to ask a judge for injunctive relief to silence Tasha K and to have various social media posts and YouTube videos removed. 

“Defendants made it clear that they would not stop publishing the defamatory statements about plaintiff absent an order from this court. If defendants carry through with these promises to keep harassing plaintiff absent an injunction, plaintiff will be required to file repeated (if not perpetual) subsequent litigation to address the threatened future defamation,” Cardi B’s lawyer Andrew Pequignot wrote to the court.

Incredibly, despite losing a fortune, Tasha K is fighting Cardi B’s attempt at injunctive relief.

According to Tasha K, Cardi B cannot prove that she plans to defame her in the future. She is asking the court to decline the permanent injunction barring her from speaking about the rapper.

“Even though the jury returned, a verdict in Cardi’s favor, that, by itself, is not sufficient to secure a permanent injunction,” Tasha K’s lawyer Olga Izmaylova argued. “Plaintiff must prove that she is suffering, and will continue to suffer, irreparable harm, which entitles her, as a legal right, to injective relief,” Izmaylova said.

A judge will decide on the matter of April 1st, 2022.