Tax Stone: “F*ck Joe Budden’s Fans… He Could Have Been In A Hospital” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The recent Joe Budden sit down with the Tax Season podcast may go down as the most awkward Hip Hop related interview since Kanye West told Sway he didn’t have the answers. Throughout the Q&A, Budden repeatedly side-stepped questions from Tax Stone. The host reacted by yelling at Budden, and the episode eventually ended early as the New Jersey rapper walked off the show.

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Like nearly everything in today’s world, the situation extended to social media. According to Tax, many of Budden’s fans began attacking him on Twitter. The regular on MTV2’s Uncommon Sense delivered a message to Joe’s followers during his own interview with M. Reck of ForbezDVD.

“F*ck all of Joe Budden’s fans. All y’all can suck my d*ck. Y’all n*ggas is d*ckheads. Y’all bozos,” said Tax. “[They were saying Budden] is too intellectual. That’s not too intellectual. That’s dangerous. That’s highly stupid to be playing like that with a n*gga.”

Tax added, “He could have been in a hospital. If that’s called smart, then n*gga, you better where a vest.”

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Watch a portion of the Joe Budden Tax Season episode and Tax Stone’s interview below.