Tekashi 69 Denies Being A “Rat” And Admits He Developed An Addiction While In Prison

Tekashi Coffee

The rap star sat down with TM Live to talk about being branded a “rat” for testifying against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

Tekashi 69 spoke to TMZ Live about his notorious case and being labeled a snitch. From his perspective, the rainbowed hair Brooklyn rapper believed that the gang he aligned with actually betrayed him two years ago. 

6ix9ine said, “What’s your definition of a snitch?”

Charles from TMZ replied, “In this case, the definition is one who rats out people that they were tight with; rats them out to law enforcement. 

 “What’s loyalty to you, Charles?” he asks.

“Loyalty would be that you don’t snitch on the people closest to you … on your friends,” the TMZ executive responds.

Then the rapper lays it out, “If another staff member kidnapped you, is that loyalty to you? You’re working right now … If Harvey is stealing all of the money that you’re making right now, and giving you crumbs … but is taking the majority of their money, is that loyalty?”

“These are my people. Like how many people between 2018 I had beef with the whole West Coast. I beef with Houston. I beef with Chicago. Did I ever get kidnapped by Chicago or Texas or the West Coast? I got kidnapped by my own people. What I did wasn’t snitching.”

“What I did was being smart and realized that God put me here to cut my grass, so I could see snakes in my grass.”

The host then asked him, “Do you have concerns about your safety … even though you believe you didn’t snitch the people that you did testify against? They may feel that you did and do you have concerns about your safety. ‘Cause I’ve noticed the time that we’ve been talking to you, you look around a lot.”

“Nah,” the “Gooba” rapper replied, “I’m at Dunkin’ Donuts and I really want to order my coffee. When I went to jail I got addicted to coffee. I didn’t know how happy coffee makes me.

“It [also] makes you go to the bathroom in like 3 seconds,” he joked.