Einstein Be Damned—Terrence Howard Claims He Reinvented Physics

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard told Joe Rogan his modern physics theories will revolutionize understanding of the universe.”

Terrence Howard has sparked intrigue after a conversation with Joe Rogan in which the well-known actor challenged the foundations of modern physics.

Seated across from Rogan and brimming with passion, Howard declared that current physics theories are excessively convoluted and fail to capture the essence of the natural world.

Howard criticized widely accepted principles like gravity, the event horizon and concept of zero, accusing them of distorting our understanding of the universe.

Instead, Howard proposed a paradigm where all motion manifests in waves and curves, transforming into spirals and everything in the cosmos is dynamically interconnected.

Howard severely criticized orthodox physics for its complexities, advocating for a perspective that sees the universe in a state of constant balance and activity dominated by electrical phenomena.

According to Terrence Howard, what is often viewed as magnetism is simply devitalized electricity, with all phenomena describable through electrical interactions.

Howard fervently asserted that his theories, backed by his collection of 97 patents, represent the true laws of the universe. He claimed mainstream physicists are fundamentally mistaken, basing their theories on erroneous understandings of natural laws.

During a previous speech in Uganda, Howard introduced his “new hydrogen technology,” stating it emerged from his purported discovery of the grand unified field equation and its geometric foundation.

The technology, Howard speculated, focuses on the “geometry of hydrogen,” enabling “unlimited bonding” and “predictable structures.”

However, Howard’s claims have been met with substantial skepticism, particularly due to his lack of formal scientific credentials and previous contentious statements about mathematics.

“After listening to Terrence Howard on @joeroganhq I can’t shake the feeling that we may have slipped into the next multi verse,” one user said, while another wrote “Terrence Howard on Rogan is just nuts to hear and totally compelling. Every five minutes I change my mind on if he’s a genius or a madman.”

Despite the doubts, Howard remains steadfast, convinced that the universe validates his physics theories.